26 September 2010

The Great Volunteer Bucket Moving Day

On September 21, for about 2 hours, the Page Museum was graced with 100 UCLA freshman's extra pairs of hands as part of their Volunteer Day event, in which more than 4500 freshmen are involved in city-wide community service. When we were approached by them for work we thought it to be a great opportunity to get some needed gardening, painting, and matrix bucket moving done.

Project 23 was given 30 of the volunteers and a few of their captains to help us organize our buckets by concentrating buckets from each box to one location and ordering by grid, with each specific grid bucket being counted. Since having that many people in the compound at one time is a bit terrifying they were divided into 5 groups for each deposit with each group being supervised by a staff member (Michelle, Laura, and I) or volunteer (Karin and Christina) Taking time out from supervising the new garden addition, Aisling captured our bucket moving moments.

Here Laura explains to her freshmen how exactly they will be moving buckets onto the fancy platforms that we constructed to protect bucket bottoms from rusting.


The volunteers were very enthusiastic to help move buckets for science



The driveway was utilized to pre-sort buckets for box 1 and 5b.


There were a lot of buckets to move and sort! We could have used the students all day because the two hours of time was not enough. The job was finished by myself and others including Trevor, Herb, Christina, Jean, Jack, Jenna, and Justin during 2 days following. It was a lot of work but the students were super helpful in doing the majority of the moving and now gathering data about each deposit and processing matrix will be much easier.

We now have the more convenient ability to know exactly how many buckets have been produced from each box and each grid. Here's some results:

Number of buckets per completed box:
Box 5b - 541
Box 7B - 267
Box 10A - 191
Box 10B - 91

For boxes still in progress:
Box 1 - 428
Box 7a - 279
Box 14 - 71

This gives a grand total of 1868 buckets produced in the past 2 years, 1724 of which were moved that day. That is an average of 74720 pounds (37 tons) of matrix that has been excavated out of Project 23 over the past 2 years. With 19 boxes left to finish that could mean about 100 more tons of matrix left to go.

Many thanks to all of those involved!


Ryan said...

I have not smiled this much in a while. Thanks. So I guess the shed is pretty full, ya? Hope to see you guys this Dec. (Save a few buckets for me.)

Carrie said...

Glad you liked hearing about buckets..there are plenty saved for you. See you in December!