06 June 2010


When we last left our heroes:


They were digging away at deposit 5B. And the still are! The deposit has shrunk considerably from its original size, but excavators are still looking for more elements of Clyde, our partially articulated, partially complete Camelops hesternus.

As you may remember from two posts ago, we had most recently exposed his almost perfectly articulated 7th cervical and first thoracic vertebrae, and were pleased to find that his 6th cervical vertebra wasn't too far off:


Here's a closer look; volunteer Henry is holding a clean Camelops hesternus 6th cervical vertebra from our collection for comparison.

1) neural spine -- 2) postzygapophyses -- 3) prezygopophyses -- 4) henry

We have no idea why the 7th cervical and 1st thoracic verts stayed articulated over 10-40k years, while the 6th cervical wandered off a foot and a half to the north. However, we do know that this brings our tally of camel bones from deposit 5b to:
-1 skull
-1 jaw
- 8 thoracic vertebrae
-2 cervical vertebrae
- 1 right humerus
- assorted rib fragments
- 1 camel toe
- and maybe a femur, but we're not sure on that yet

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michael said...

Only 1 camel toe?