16 April 2009

Note from the Lone Male Excavator:

Y'all need to chime in and tell Andrea what a good job she is doing on this here blog a'ight!

We've got a lot done since my last post. Finished another box, matter-O'-fact (10A)! We've busted out them there scapulae from box 1 and got loads more dirt out to, eh.

Keep yer eyes open for a new "what is it" post coming soon!



Spencer said...

I'm currently in the middle of Patriot Games but am waiting for you to bring X-Men back....

Willa said...

A'ight! I freakin' LOVE your blog Andrea!!!!!!!!!

Ashley Fragomeni said...

Hi Andie!

What a fantastic blog, and the fact that you put the Beatles behind that video is amazing! Love it. You rock.

Love, your favorite GI,

Doug said...

Oh, I think she's doing a fantastic job. I just haven't been able to chime in lately because i have been heavily distracted with an assignment: english teacher dropped a bomb on us with this ridiculous research paper. Will probably drive me insane.

Anonymous said...

hey andie! your blog is awesome! love it soooo much! i loved the pic with all your blisters!

oh, and ryan, wazzz-up! havnt seen you since red rock!

anyway, andie, you have an awesome blog, and i appreciate everything you "tar-people" (hehe not trying to be insulting) do for the paleontological comminity!


Anonymous said...


Thank you for the blog, very interesting.

Are soft tissue cells (marrow, etc) ever preserved to some extent (within the bone) in unusual cases ? I recall reading about two recent discoveries in this area, one with a T-Rex and the other with 10MYA amphibians.