08 February 2009

In the news

Part-time excavatrix Laura Tewksbury has been busy! She sends us this link:

Whale Fossil for Concordia Elementary School

and writes:

"This was the first fossil preparation project I ever worked on, under paleontologist Greg Seymour. During high school, my mom would drive me over to volunteer at least once a week, and I got to both chip away at his (horrible, fine-grained, concrete-like) matrix and help teach the kids about paleontology. It's pretty much one of the main reasons I'm here [i.e. at Rancho La Brea]. I originally got involved through Dave Gerhard when he first moved to Concordia, since that was my old elementary school, my little sisters were still there, and my mom was PTA President.

How time flies. Like a whale on a hoist. "

Very cool, Laura!

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Spencer said...

Hmm, you never told me this story, Laura...and here I thought I was your brother....