21 January 2009


well it's a dirty job,
l to r: Kristen Brown, Andrea Thomer, Michelle Tabencki (the happiest girl in the world), Mike Rowe (working the purple bandana like no other), and Laura Tewksbury

We excavators and excavatrices made our television debut last night on the Discovery Channel's totally awesome show, Dirty Jobs! Mike Rowe came by a few months ago to help us with Pit 91 maintenance. Tar pits were glopped, shoring boards replaced, fossils excavated, cell phones inexplicably thrown: in short, a good time was had by all. I have to say, Mike, Dave Barsky, and the rest of the Dirty Jobs crew were the nicest, funniest, and generally raddest film crew we've ever hosted at the pits, so many thanks to them for being great (and for not editing us to look like madwomen) (or rather, editing us so that you can't tell we're really madwomen).

Now. We have a TON of pictures from the filming of the episode, which will be posted to our flickr channel by week's end. AND we have a good amount of incrimintating footage of Michelle, excavatrix and sponge bather extraordinaire, which will hopefully be posted to youtube soonish (provided she lets me...). And AND for those of you that missed it, the episode will be playing again this Friday at 8pm on the Discovery Channel. Set your collective Tivos. And check back on Friday for more pictures and stories and tomfoolery.

go team!
go team awesome! l to r: Chris Shaw, Kristen Brown, Trevor Valle, Laura Tewksbury, Aisling Farrell, Michelle Tabencki, Ryan Long, Andie Thomer



Spencer said...

I just saw it today...very nice little episode. Very nice job, everyone!


Will Read said...

I saw you folks schlepping buckets on Dirty Jobs last night. It made me think about better ways to get the tar out of the sump. The show said the tar was too thick to pump. I think you might be able to screw it out with an agricultural screw.


The thing could be set up with its snout down in the sump and the top out of the pit. You could power it with an old bike. Instead of wading into the tar you could just pedal every now and then.

As regards getting the screw, the place I linked has an office in CA. Maybe they would donate a screw. All the visitors would see it and so it would be good PR for them.

My email is wread@ucsd.edu