18 July 2008

i still think we should try stilts

So we have all these boxes of fossils, right? And we have all these excavatrices (and Ryan) to dig the fossils out. No problem, yeah?

look! look how happy we are! how happy, and... how short.

Problem, yeah: At least four of the tree boxes (forgive me,
fossil boxes) are well over 10 feet tall, and therefore well out of the reach of even our tallest paleontologists. Consequently, the past week has been spent figuring out how to essentially turn our Pit 91 excavation methods upside down. We gathered, we discussed, we brainstormed, and we eventually decided on...

A jungle gym! Yes! And the teeter totter will be installed next week.

Clearly, reader, I am joshing you. However, suggested (and summarily rejected) ideas for excavational elevation included stilts, a trampoline, moon shoes, and hovercraft technology. We settled on scaffolding (kindly donated by a certain excavatrix's father) and old reliable:

An extendable ladder. Genius, I know.

But wait, there's more! Look:

we built a RAILING! Gravity, your charms will ensnare us no longer! We are safe as houses. And check out the view -- we've got box seats for LACMA's Saturday evening latin jazz.

Life is good. Even without stilts.


michael said...

It looks awesome...But where is the pirate flag? And the poop deck, ya gotta have a poop deck.

Lau-Ra! said...

Henry says we need those naval-cannon-thingys, and I have a swEEt idea for them! You'll love it! (Plus, then if anyone complains about our flag, we can "Fire all!" Bwahahaha.) ;)

Michelle said...

Not only do we need a poop deck but we also need to spraypaint it....i like to spraypaint...