28 June 2008

it starts...


Kirstine Steavenson said...

Hi Andie Panda!

I realized I would become a fossil waiting for you to give me the link, so I did a little exploring myself.

Allow me a little pseudo-maternal nagging and tell you that you really should weare a hat in the sun. You are a malignant melanoma looking for a place to happen.

Other than that, it looks good! I'd like more pictures of fossils, tho' (start with your Grandmother, har har.) And I don't like white type on a dark backgound. Too hard to read. Marketeer Michelle knows that!

It's so nice I can see you on the web as I never get to see you in person.

Love you!


Spencer said...

Okay. This is gonna be great!

Spencer (yes, that Spencer)